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Meet the Ajax-Pickering Bantam AAA Raiders

#3 CHRIS LUDWINSKI defence [ht: 6'0" wt: 155 lbs.]
Chris loves steak and perogies. His sports hero is Sidney Crosby. In 2009-10 season Chris shaved his head to help his team raise money for cancer.

#5 STUART SWEENEY defence [ht:6'1" wt: 155lbs.]
Stuart loves hamburgers, Family Guy, and Sofa Song by the Kooks. His pet peeve is forwards who try to chirp him.

#9 MACKENZIE HEBER centre [ht: 5'7" wt: 123 lbs.]
Mack's pre-game ritual means he always put his left shin pad on first. He loves TSN and Gordie Howe.

#14 DANIEL TAYLOR forward [ht: 5'10" wt: 150 lbs.]
For Daniel, Big Macs, Hockey Night in Canada, and Rage Against the Machine are at the top of his favourite list, and so is Mario Lemieux. His pet peeve is playing a bad game, so he's made his pre-game ritual shooting pucks while listening to music.

#17 MICHAEL HANUFER defence [ht: 5'10" wt: 140 lbs.]
Micheal's pre-game ritual is taping his stick. He has a long list of favourites including his sports hero is Wendell Clark, Man vs. Wild, and "Dead Presidents II" by Jay-Z. Michael also loves jerk chicken and french fries; however, he very much dislikes people who eat loudly.

#19 DAVIS KUKSIS centre [ht: 5'4" wt 110 lbs.]
Davis' sports hero is Daniel Alfredsson, his likes Japanese food, and dislikes slooooow golfers.

#22 KALLEN McFARLAND forward [ht: 5'6" wt: 130 lbs.]
Known as Cowboy to his teammates, this forward's pre-game ritual is listening to music. His favourite son is "Burn to the Ground" by Nickelback. He dislikes getting up early in the morning.

#24 JUSTIN BRAND forward [ht: wt: lbs.]

#26 DYLAN KINGDON forward [ht: 5'5"  wt: 125 lbs.]
Dylan stick handles and shoots in his driveway before every game. Among his favourite foods is strawberry-rhubarb pie and he likes to watch Jersey Shore. His sports hero is Martin St. Louis; his pet peeve is forgetting his equipment.

#33 TEDDY LUSTED goalie [ht: 5'6" wt: 115 lbs.]
Bobcat's favourite food is pasta and his sports hero Patrick Roy. His pet peeve is getting hit in the head during warm-up.

#34 TRENT SHORE defense [ht: 6'0" wt: 151 lbs.]
Trent eats Chef Boyardee before every game, but also loves Chinese food. His favourite song is "Forget You" by Cee Lo Green. Drafted in the 2012 OHL Priority Selection by the Belleville Bulls.

#41 MAX TJIN goalie [ht: 5'6" wt: 121 lbs.]
Max, who puts on his equipment from the left, except his pads which are strapped on right, then left. His biggest pet peeve? Pulling the goalie. His sports hero is Carey Price.

#55 ADAMM GARDNER forward [ht: wt: lbs.]

#61 CHRIS BRILL-MORGAN forward [ht 5'11" wt: 145 lbs.]
Stealth loves watching sports on tv and listens to music before every game. He hates breaking bones, which seems to happen every summer.

#72 ISSAC DOBOS centre [ht: 5'8.5" wt: 140 lbs.]
Issac's pre-game ritual is eating two oranges and drinking a bottle of water on the way to the game, then he warms up while listening to his favourite tunes, which is likely playing his favourite band The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Issac's sports hero is Joe Sakic and he his favourite television show is The Office.

#77 EVAN D'OVIDIO defence [ht: 6'1" wt: 146 lbs.]
Ever'ton dislikes having homework on the weekend, but loves Duncan Keith and pasta. His pre-game ritual requires that he tie his right skate before the left.

#88 SCOTT KIRTON forward [ht: 5'4" wt: 110 lbs.]
Scooter's pet peeve is homework and his sports hero is Sid the Kid. He loves loves loves Shamrock Burgers and he showers before every game.

#91 JUSTIN BEAN forward/def. [ht: 5'8.5" wt: 135 lbs.]
Justin loves steak, Drew Doughty, and watching "That 70's Show" Drafted by the Belleville Bulls in the 2013 OHL Priority Selection; signed 2013.
Go Raiders Go!